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WG3: Applications and added value of de-identified data

Leader: Prof. Jean-François Bonastre

Vice-Leader: Prof. Ivo Ipšić

General Description

This WG will cover a variety of applications including

  • Law enforcement in
  • transportation
  • private surveillance systems
  • schools and other educational institutions 
    • Video-based behavioural monitoring in 
    • care homes and hospitals
  • Speech-based services in telephony and online
  • Text-based medical record in healthcare
  • Online social networks and other Internet services

WG3 also covers the assessment of added-value of the de-identified data through the possibility of secure storage, retrieval, offline analysis, as well as the exchange of de-identified data between institutions. Special attention will be devoted to methods for privacy protection of vulnerable groups (children, mentally and physically handicapped people) in audio-video surveillance content.

WG Members