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WG1: De-identification methods for biometric identifiers

Leader: Prof. Isabel Trancoso

Vice-Leader: Dr. Piotr Staroniewicz

General Description

WG1 covers research and development (R&D) activities related to physiological and behavioural biometric identifiers. The main physiological identifiers in the multimedia contents are face, ear and iris. The behavioural identifiers include voice, gait, gesture, lip movement and signature.

The activities in WG1 (closely related to those of WG2) are structured appropriately to include the following key areas:

  • Previous approaches to, and the main challenges in multimedia de-identification.
  • Definition and classification of biometric/soft biometric/non-biometric identifiers in the multimedia content.
  • Real-time, robust methods for identifier detection and localisation.
  • Innovative methods for de-identification and reversible de-identification.
  • Preservation of data utility and naturalness in de-identification.
  • Procedures for the evaluation of de-identification methods.

WG1 Members