Digital Watermarking for Privacy Protection in Image Content

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Digital Watermarking for Privacy Protection in Image Content
Prof Andreja Samcovic
Applicant Institution: 
Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering - University of Belgrade - Serbia
Host Person: 
Prof Patrizio Campisi
Host Institution: 
Laboratory of Biometrics and Multimedia Forensics - Section of Applied Electronics - Department of Engineering - Università degli Studi Roma Tre - Italy

The STSM allowed me to discuss advanced techniques and algorithms for data hiding. The members of the hosting group showed me their activities concerning modern techniques which they research and develop. Data hiding is the general process by which a discrete information stream, the mark, is merged within media content by imposing imperceptible changes on the original host signal. Moreover, data hiding has been recently used for quality assessment purposes, as well as for improved data compression. Within this framework, research activities of the hosting group shown to me during this academic visit include:
•    Image watermarking for improved image coding,
•    Watermarking for copyright protection for 2D images, High Dynamic Range (HDR) images, stereo images and video sequences.
Preliminary results using this technique at host institution are promising, therefore I hope we will further collaborate in this field during next period.
The electronic database of the University has supplied me with considerable material – articles and reviews – which promise to be vastly helpful in my future research work. 

Grant Period: 
4th Grant Period