Data de-identification and Security for wireless medical devices

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Data de-identification and Security for wireless medical devices
Ms Romina Muka
Applicant Institution: 
Norwegian University of Science and Technology - Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering - Norway
Host Person: 
Prof Jiri Misurec
Host Institution: 
Brno University of Technology - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication - Czech Republic

In the context of this STSM we investigated security and privacy concerns of medical devices, with a special focus to data de-identification and security for Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs). The WBAN has gained popularity as a new technology for e-Health, and is reflected as one of the main research areas in computer science and healthcare applications. WBAN collects patients’ data, monitors constantly their physiological parameters, using small implantable or wearable sensors, and communicates these data using wireless communication techniques in short range.

During my visit in Brno University of Technology I discussed and got feedback about the security methods in wireless communication; discovered related research works and identified potential collaboration anchors; tested new wireless communication technologies as LPWANs; and set up collaboration with interested members of the host institution.

During this STSM we created a general communication chain (from the body to the server), where we showed different use for the information, different technologies, distances etc. We agreed to analyze intra-WBAN and off/on body communication chain (Device to Device (W)BAN, Device to Gateway). Another purpose was to look also for the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), upcoming standards and new restrictions rule presented in this new regulation, but it is left for future work. Finally we discussed some WBANs security threats and initiate discussions on security mechanisms of WBANs to solve all the drawbacks and concerns regarding security and privacy.

Grant Period: 
4th Grant Period