WG 3 Members

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Name Surname ESR PhD Student Keyword 1 Keyword 2 Keyword 3 Institution Country
Marina Ivasic-Kos YES NO pattern recognition computer vision knowledge representation University of Rijeka, Department of Informatic Croatia
Bojan Bakmaz NO NO wireless networks University of Belgrade Serbia
Jerneja Zganec Gros NO NO speaker recognition face recognition Alpineon d.o.o. Slovenia
Dimitar Taskovski NO NO digital signal processing image and video processing, watermarking, hashing, broadcast monitoring, Ss Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, R.Macedonia
Lily Meng NO NO Face De-identification Imaging technology Video processing University of Hertfordshire United Kingdom
Gérard CHOLLET NO NO audio-visual identity verification spoofing detection Videosurveillance CNRS-LTCI Institut Mines-Telecom France
Slobodan Ribaric NO NO Biometrics Pattern Recognition Knowledge representation University of Zagreb, Faculty of EE and Computing Croatia
Jean Francois Bonastre NO NO Voice Biometrics University of Avignon France
Igor Stojanovikj NO NO image restoration image deblurring image recognition Goce Delcev University, Faculty of Computer Science
Antonio Pinheiro NO NO Image Processing Image Annotation Computer Vision UBI Portugal