WG 3 Members

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Name Surname ESR PhD Student Keyword 1 Keyword 2 Keyword 3 Institutionsort descending Country
Jerneja Zganec Gros NO NO speaker recognition face recognition Alpineon d.o.o. Slovenia
Bonastre Jean-Francois NO NO speaker recognition Avignon University France
Gérard CHOLLET NO NO audio-visual identity verification spoofing detection Videosurveillance CNRS-LTCI Institut Mines-Telecom France
Touradj Ebrahimi Ebrahimi NO NO Privacy protection filters Privacy protection standards JPEG Privacy and Security EPFL Switzerland
Touradj Ebrahimi NO NO Privacy JPEG Security EPFL Switzerland
Max Snijder NO NO Biometrics Privacy Surveillance European Biometrics Group Netherlands
Patrick Bours NO NO Keystroke Dynamics Gait Recognitions Behavioural Biometrics Gjøvik University College Norway
Sule YILDIRIM-YAYILGAN NO NO Artificial Ingelligence, Machine Learning, Biometrics , Image Processing Gjøvik University College Norway
Igor Stojanovikj NO NO image restoration image deblurring image recognition Goce Delcev University, Faculty of Computer Science
Shufei He He YES YES Application of de-identified data Institute for Digital Technologies United Kingdom