WG 3 Members

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Name Surname ESR PhD Student Keyword 1 Keyword 2 Keyword 3 Institution Country
Shufei He He YES YES Application of de-identified data Institute for Digital Technologies United Kingdom
Antonio Pinheiro NO NO Privacy UBI Portugal
Daniel Saez Trigueros YES YES Face recognition Deep learning Security University of Hertfordshire United Kingdom
Touradj Ebrahimi NO NO Privacy JPEG Security EPFL Switzerland
HAZIM KEMAL EKENEL YES NO Mobile applications Istanbul Technical University Turkey
Touradj Ebrahimi Ebrahimi NO NO Privacy protection filters Privacy protection standards JPEG Privacy and Security EPFL Switzerland
Francisco Florez-Revuelta NO NO Visual privacy Ambient assisted living Smart homes Kingston University United Kingdom
Zoltán L. Németh YES NO Vulnerability Research Security Formal Languages and Automata University of Szeged Hungary
Max Snijder NO NO Biometrics Privacy Surveillance European Biometrics Group Netherlands
Sule YILDIRIM-YAYILGAN NO NO Artificial Ingelligence, Machine Learning, Biometrics , Image Processing Gjøvik University College Norway